Welcome to Hyperify.io

Welcome to Hyperify.io, a collaborative initiative by Finnish software and hosting visionaries, focused on developing high-security backend and GUI applications.

Leveraging the robustness of self-controlled x509 PKI, mTLS, and hardware tokens, we're dedicated to creating secure user-friendly solutions.

Our projects, like GoCertCenter and GoLanCenter, embody our commitment to simplicity and security, all underpinned by the Functional Source License model.

In addition to our commitment to open source, Hyperify.io proudly offers comprehensive commercial support and services. This ensures that organizations can implement our solutions with the confidence that expert assistance is just a step away, providing a seamless integration into commercial products and services.

Join us in redefining secure application development!

Our Projects


An easy solution for SSL certificate and private key management and distribution. Learn more.


A remote server and network management solution. Learn more.

About Us

Hyperify.io is a shared community initiative by HG, Sendanor, and other third parties, dedicated to creating secure, user-friendly solutions.

Join Our Community

Connect with us on Discord and contribute to our projects, or sent us an email to info@hg.fi.